Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for you to bill my Medicare or Medicaid insurance for supplies?            
We will need a copy of your insurance card, a written prescription from your doctor, and a Certificate of Medical Necessity filled out by your doctor. We can provide your doctor with the blank form with their contact information.

Most patients need to come to our store at least once in order for us to make the necessary copies and acquire the paperwork. This can be provided by you or a caretaker.

We will accept prescriptions and Certificates of Medical Necessity via fax in most cases.

Will you deliver supplies to our home?
Yes. And we will deliver anywhere in the United States.

Can we come pick up our supplies from your store on our own time?
Of course. Our hours are from 8-12pm and 1-5pm Monday through Friday. If those hours are inconvenient, just call 828-659-7888 and set up a time that is good for you with one of our staff members.

What insurance policies do you accept?
We currently work closely with Medicare and Medicaid and accept both of those insurances. If you would like to know if something is covered, please call and speak with a staff member. We are also on the waiting list for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance.

Insurance policies are not accepted through online ordering. If you would like to use your insurance to place an order, please call 828-659-7888.

Do you sell retail items I can purchase without my insurance?    
Absolutely. You can purchase any of our 30,000+ products retail at a discounted price. We will beat any price you can show us from any other local retail store too.

If you would like to make monthly purchases online, and the products you want are not yet offered on our site, we will add them for you at your request.